Essentials of an Employment Contract

An employment contract can be defined as an agreement made by an employer and an employee that forms the basis of an employment relationship and legally binds the two. When the employee accepts the employment offer, the contract begins. No changes can be made to a signed employment contract without the employee’s consent. These amendments can only be written. The rights and obligations of the employee are written in the contract.

Things to find in an employment contract

The day when the employment starts

The exact date of when the employment starts has to be in the contract to mark of its beginning. The day does not necessarily have to be a workday. Failure to go to work on the first day can result in justified employer withdrawal from the contract.

The form of work

The employer pledges to carry out a particular type of work for the employee. The description of this position is found in the contract. The detailed work description is important because it prevents the employer from giving the employee work that is different from what they signed up for. The contract may also describe the content of the employee’s work.

Address of the workplace

The contract should provide information about the address where the employee will work. The places mentioned in the agreement have an implication on the likelihood of the employee to get transferred to any of the included locations.

Salary paid to the employee

The employment contract includes information about the amount of money that the employee will be paid. For instance, the gross salary, which is subject to health insurance and tax without the exclusion of social insurance. The figures in the contract can be one or several and in the form of tax deductions, basic remuneration and existing bonuses. The contract outlines the exact day of payment and the means used to facilitate the payment. This is basically the day when the employee receives the payment in cash or through her or his bank account. In order for the employer to change the salary of the employees, consent by the latter has to received in writing. In a case where the salary is placed in an attached document, the employee’s consent is not relevant to allow for changes to be made.…